About us

Mornings matter

No matter how we feel about it, modern life isn’t always easy. Sometimes it feels like there’s a million and one things to do and 24 hours just doesn’t seem like enough.

When we wake up in the morning most of us barely have the time to think about finding matching socks – let alone eating. As if that wasn’t enough we find ourselves stuck in a world where it seems like everything we eat, drink, wear and use has been processed, altered and streamlined to the point of total abstraction.

We’re committed to plant-based nutrition for exactly that reason. It’s just natural. And sometimes natural is nice. We want to help you reshape your day from start to finish and that means finding a gap in your morning schedule to drop a little natural energy back in to the rat race.

When everything around us is so rough and tumble and we’re juggling a thousand things at once its hard to know how to make the next move. So we decided to stop, take a step back, and focus on the things that actually matter.

We wanted to create a product that had the best nutritional profile and one that represented the kind of life we want to live. At the end of the day it came to one common denominator – and it’s something people have known for millennia.

The only food you can really trust is the food that grows out of the ground.

That means no more science labs, pesticides and fertilisers. No apps and no adverts. Just plug back into your roots and find something you can trust to make you feel a little bit better each day.

Honestly – if we all lived in a perfect world there wouldn’t really be any need for us to exist. But here we are… We’re not asking you to be a superhero. To plan every meal, every run, every workout, job, weekend, birthday or holiday all at once.

Instead, our mission is to help you raise the bar – little by little; day by day – until every day is the one you’ve been waiting for.

Our promise

We like to think that when we sit down to make a new product we do it the right way.

For us that starts with a couple of conversations. The first is from us to you. To find out what your diet is missing and to work out how we can help. That way we can spend our time creating the things you actually need – rather than trying to sell you things you never wanted in the first place. That’s just common sense.

The second, is from us to Martin (our senior nutritional scientist and head honcho of product development). Who takes your wishlist and  – in his infinite wisdom – sends our team out to the four corners of the globe. Where we scour the land for the perfect source with the best suppliers.

Be it our organic Matcha from Kagoshima Prefecture in Japan or our four-root Maca from the lofty Andean steppes of Peru. We won’t settle for anything less than the best and that’s why all our suppliers are 100% certified and quality tested.

Sure, the things we make are natural, but they’re also intricate, balanced and dilligently designed to give you exactly what you need. Nothing more, nothing less.

We promise that we will only ever make things that make sense for you. All our products are completely plant-based & free of any animal products because we know that this is the only responsible choice for the healthy and sustainable care of your body and mind.

Each and every product in our range is certified and stamped by the Vegan Society.

No gelatine, no beeswax, no problems.

Transparent. Ethical. Organic. 

When we started our company, we had a few major goals to work by and one of the most important ones was transparency.

For us, transparency is all about letting you make the call. No jargon and no big budget adverts. Just good products, good information and good service.

We open up our doors and trust that you will like what you see. We have enough confidence in ourselves and our products that we shouldn’t have to advertise all day long.

We’re confident because we know we’re doing things the best way that we can. Take our products for example – just like our customers – they come from all over the world. So, here in Berlin, we strive to iron out the footprint. Our offices and production facilities are as green as you can get.

Powered by 100% renewable electricity from Greenpeace Energy. Every company has some leftovers at the end of the day and thats why we take anything we can’t use and donate it to a local food sharing co-op to cut down on waste wherever we can.

Working with our community is important to us. In Berlin, this is one (perhaps the only) thing that people take really seriously. And taking care of your community means recycling, it means shopping at independent businesses, it means being organic – or Bio in Deutsch – where you can.

Sure we’ve got the certificates but organic is more than a trademark or a way of growing; organic is an attitude. It’s a commitment to quality and care that transcends our products and is imbued in everything that we try to do as a company.

Not just another faceless company

Originally founded as a family business in Berlin, our international team includes colleagues from around the globe, drawn together by shared commitment to building a project from the ground up.

Honestly, we’re glad to do things a little differently because it’s these same things that help to define us and just like anyone else in the world, the friends that we keep are a good reflection of who we are ourselves.

For the past 2 years we have been working with our local community partners Dolphin to do our bit in cutting the disability employment gap by offering secure and solid jobs for disabled people.  We’re not trying to do anything special here but we learned pretty quickly that taking care of our community actually helped us to take care of ourselves.

When we let you in on what we’re doing then we’re not just telling you a story; we’re trying to show you that we are what we make. We had to change our routine. To start every morning with a little bit of something new. We know that vitamins are a daily routine –  and we think that it’s only fair that if we ask you to make us a part of your life, then our part should try and do things differently.

That doesn’t always come cheap, but we won’t change because we know that without celebrating who we are we would have never made it as far as we have.

Produced in Germany in line with HACCP concept and food hygiene regulations (EC) 852/2004.