Active & Fit Complex

Our Active and Fit Complex is all about fighting joint pain and keeping you limber.

We know it all too well, you bend down to grab something at the supermarket only to be met by a cacophony of clicks, cracks and the slightly more worrying… crunch and you start to wonder – not for the first time – maybe you should swap out the biscuits for some fruit, or better yet some WD-40.

Many people think that joint pain is the sole reserve of the elderly. However, as anyone, who plays regular sport, who sits in an office chair 40-hours a week, or who leads a generally sedentary lifestyle, will tell you: joint pain is a nightmare.

Given that this covers pretty much everyone – it’s worth thinking about what you can do to change it.

Why do I have joint pain?

Human beings are complex things with a lot of moving parts and effective movement relies on healthy joints. Many everyday activities can put undue stress on these joints. This can inflame the joint tissue and this is what leads to joint pain. Sadly, unlike the tin man, we can’t just throw a little oil under the armpit and get back to work.  Instead, we have to really think about blood flow, cartilage, connective tissue, posture and more…

In fact, in one recent national survey, about one-third of adults reported having joint pain within the past 30 days. With symptoms ranging from the mildly annoying, to the chronic dull ache, or the simply intolerable.

Some of the more common medical problems associated with joint pain are osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, bursitis, and gout.

However, joint pain can also be symptomatic of something far less serious but much more common. The everyday routine.

Lower Back Pain

Mid Back Joint Pain Active & Fit Complex Blog Post

More often than not this is because you are slouching.

Ensure your chair is set right for you. You should tilt the seat a little bit down and try to keep your feet on the floor. It’s worth asking your employer to provide an office chair with real lumbar support.

Mid Back Pain

Lower Back Joint Pain Active & Fit Complex Blog Post

Slouching. Stop doing it. I know it’s not always so easy when you’re 4 hours deep in an excel black hole but trust us this is all about discipline. Force yourself to sit up every time you catch your self hunched over the screen and soon it will become a habit.

Keep yourself moving – stretch, walk around, take a moment to reverse this motion each day. It might look odd to your colleagues but take a moment at lunch to look up to the ceiling, puff up your chest and roll your shoulders back. Always, focus on your posture,

Hand & Wrist Pain

Hand and Wrist Joint Pain Active & Fit Complex Blog Post

With the amount of Instagram scrolling, facebook checking and, uh, tinder swiping that many of us get up to every day it’s a small miracle that our thumbs still work at all. Add to that firing out 100s of passive aggressive emails a year about the state of the washing up in the work kitchen and most of us naturally end up with some hand and wrist pain.

The risk here is absolutely genuine. Repetitive strain injuries at work are always on the rise. Add to that the threat of carpal tunnel and it’s worth taking the time to adjust your working habits.

Ensure your elbows are flat to the table your keyboard is too. Also – if the situation allows it – invest in a desk toy to give your hands a new challenge.

Neck Pain

Neck Joint Pain Active & Fit Complex Blog Post

This is all about looking downward at a computer screen all day (You might also feel pain in your jaw or get frequent headaches.) Additionally, if you regularly use a phone to work the chances are that you are craning your neck.

Invest in a speakerphone, headphones or a headset. Remember to look up at the ceiling and stretch out your neck muscles whenever you can. It’s also good practice to try and keep your computer screen at the right height. Try and get your chin to line up with the centre of the screen so that you aren’t always looking down.

Knee Pain

Knee Joint Pain Active & Fit Complex Blog Post

This one is almost certainly the most common and one of the worst. If you notice it every day at work, or when you go to the cinema, or a football match then the chances are that your knee joints are becoming inflamed.

The pressure from your office chair, or crossing your legs can cause pain, numbness or tingling. Always try to keep your feet planted firmly on the floor.

Adjust the height of your chair. It’s a simple fix for a very, very common problem.


We know that trying to get every single part of your office chair, desk, computer and phone aligned is difficult. There really is no gold standard for perfect office ergonomics so try and move around as much as possible. Staying still is the enemy.

Aside from that however there are a number of plant-based and synthetic solutions to aching joints.

MSM, for example, is an organic sulphur compound that can provide the human body with valuable natural sulphur. This decreases joint and muscle aches/pains, improves mobility, repairs hair, skin, and nails, and increases overall energy.

While our new Active and Fit Complex is a completely plant-based solution. This optimal blend has all of what you want and none of what you don’t. High-quality Glucosamine HCL, Boswellia Frankincense, Turmeric extract (95% curcuminoids), Ginger Root Extract, and Galangal Root Extract.

Each of these ingredients has been meticulously weighed, tested and blended to achieve peerless bio-activity with highly synergetic results.

The Active & Fit Complex is all about reducing joint pain and repairing tissue. Keeping you limber for longer.