The Ultimate Vegan Food Awards

Autumn may have only just arrived but awards season is already in full swing… the vegan awards that is. The best vegan food that the world has ever seen is currently stocking the shelves of your local supermarkets. So forget Tinseltown, red carpets and designer dresses – The real deal is happening in the streets, town halls and exposition centres across the UK.

PETA kicked things off in September, and their awards ceremony showered us with a veritable embarrassment of vegan riches. From vegan cheese to vegan meat, vegan cookbooks and the holy grail: a vegan poached egg.

Next week VegFest UK lands in London and is jam packed with incredible vegan food, plant based protein and easy vegan recipes that guarantee optimum nutrition.

But before that, it is time to celebrate the inaugural Vegavero vegan awards! From vegan chocolates, gifts, beers and wines, we have got you covered!

Best Vegan Food: Milk - Oatly

You voted for it in force! It was a resounding win for this Scandinavian oat milk drink. Check out this article to see how oatly are changing the face of dairy farming

Best Vegan Food: Cheese - Violife Mediterranean Style Block

The most anticipated product of the year did not disappoint. That’s right, this Mediterranean style block is absolute gold for vegan halloumi and it is completely and utterly delicious. You can find it right here

Best Vegan Food: Sausages - Linda McCartney Red Onion & Rosemary Sausage

Name me a more iconic duo. No not Paul and Linda, not even John and Yoko, we’re talking about red onion and rosemary. Linda – you spoil us.

Best Vegan Food: Meat - Wheaty Döner

Obviously, from our base in Berlin, the call of the Döner is strong. Very stong indeed, but not even close to this delightful offering from the genii over at wheaty. Thank you wheaty, you deserve it. Find it here

Best Vegan Food: Fish - Quorn Fishless Fingers

“…but they taste exactly the same”. That’s right, long time veggie superheroes Quorn are oceans apart from their nearest competitor when it comes to fish fingers. We recommend pairing them with white sliced bread, mushy peas, oven chips and a silly amount of ketchup for maximum effect.

Best Vegan Food: Restaurant (North) - Bundobust, Leeds

The restaurant category was tough. Really, really tough. But our absolute favourite restaurant in the North has to be Bundobust. This all-vegan Indian eatery and craft beer bar extraordinaire blew us away when it opened in 2014. A must visit… if you didn’t have enough reasons to go to Yorkshire anyway.

Best Vegan Food: Restaurant (London) - Temple of Seitan

It had to be.  There are so many fantastic vegan restaurants in London, but when this Hackney Temple opened it’s doors, vegans from across the world flocked to sample vegan fried chicken.  Vegan never tasted so good. Never have we seen so much hype be so well rewarded. Hail Seitan.

Best Vegan Food: Restaurant (South) - Purezza, Brighton

This killer brighton spot has the best vegan pizza in England and is to Pizza what The Godfather is to gangster movies: the originator, the finest, the don. Bravo to Purezza who take home the coveted south of England award.

Best Vegan Food: Beer - Augustiner

You didn’t think we weren’t going to pick a German beer, did you? Bavaria is the only real place to get your beer and you can rattle on until the cows come home about micro-brew craft IPA. Sometimes all you need is a nice cold pint. Oktoberfest may be over, but you can celebrate all year round with our handy vegan guide to the definitive German festival.

Best Vegan Food: Sandwich - Pret Super Green & Reds

Pret a manger means Ready to eat en francais . The absolute go-to for every vegan on the move, quick lunch, cheap date, vegan options guaranteed. We love you pret and this sandwich is an absolute barnstormer. Not only that, but you wowed us with your commitment to cutting down plastic and changing the face of fast food.

Best Vegan Food: Cafe - Black Cat Clapton

Clapton is a lovely part of London and this suburban eatery is one of those amazing places that ensures you can always find vegan food near by.

Hit up this co-op run café for the biggest portions and the best milkshakes in London. Amazing literature and vegan activism to boot. Who could say no?

Best Vegan Food: City - Berlin

There’s a reason we’re here and it’s pretty simple. Veganism is absolutely everywhere. It’s the perfect city to keep a vegan diet. There are gigantic fabulous parks and simply stunning food. Now if only we could do something about the weather…

Best Vegan Food: Cookbook - Feed me Vegan by Lucy Watson


Fomer ‘Made in Chelsea‘ star Lucy Watson has brought her vegan cookbook to the shelves earlier this year. Packed with “comforting, easy-to-make and delicious recipes” like macaroni and cheese, lasagne, cake and pancakes; we have been channeling the spirit of Bacchus ever since.  Over 85 incredible vegan recipes, all put together in the most gorgeous cookbook you’ve seen all year




Best Vegan Food: Biscuits – Asda Cookies and Cream Golden Biscuits

These Accidentally Vegan and 100% delicious biccies are smeared in the golden glow of serendipity. As one user review puts it “These taste like a cross between custard creams and crunch creams”. Oh and they weigh in at the somewhat dangerous price of 49p per pack. Now really, what else can we say about that?

Best Vegan Food: Snack – Nakd Bakewell Tart

The snack category really twised our melon. Not least because one of the people we asked suggested melon and the idea that we had forgotten about melon left us all feeling reminiscent of the melon’s humble anagrammatic cousin…

Brain teasers aside, there was only really one choice. The nakd bakewell tart snack bar is RAW, vegan and just ridiculously nice. A lunchbox staple and a worthy winner.

Best Vegan Food: Chocolate – Sweet Freedom Choc Pot

When you turned vegan how many people asked you… “ I’d love to go vegan but I just couldn’t live without…X” To which you replied “well vegan cheese has really improved” or “You’d be surprised at all the things you can do with dates!”

But if we’re all honest, a little part of our collective vegan heart sank whenever we saw anyone eating Nutella. If you’re anything like me then your thoughts floated meekly to the dark corners of the vegan brain that suggested maybe we could make vegan nutella by smashing some hazelnuts into a melted Bournville and spreading it on toast…

For that exact reason the Sweet freedom chocolate pot is our winner: it is divine. Buy it.

Best Vegan Food: Yogurt – Alpro Coconut and Pinapple Yogurt

Best enjoyed straight from the tub with the largest spoon that you own. 500ml of love from the the dairy-free doyens at alpro. Worthy winners and undoubted contenders for the vegan lifetime achievement awards.

Vegan of the Year 2017…

Okay okay, maybe this one is a little cheese-y but our vegan of the year award for 2017 goes to you! That’s right every single one of you who decided to go vegan this year, and to everyone who has been fighting for the cause already.

2017 has been an amazing year for veganism with estimates showing around 3,000,000 vegetarians and vegans in the UK alone. Keep it going and let’s make 2018 even better!