How to keep your hair healthy this Autumn

It’s a pretty well-known fact that extreme temperatures can damage your hair. If your hair is getting to hot or too cold then you are running the risk of damaging it and this is never more apparent than in Autumn and Winter.

Back in July, your work alarm used to show 06:30am but now it reads 06:55am.

When it’s 2 degrees outside we all like to spend a little bit longer in bed. To cling for an extra 2 minutes to the fleeting embrace of sleep. With eyes forlorn, you roll begrudgingly from the safety of your duvet and stumble like a new-born calf to the shower.

There, under the nourishing waters of your otherwise Baltic bathroom you contemplate the many and varied mysteries of life,  thoughts drift lazily across your brow and you feel ready to stand and face the world.

But by now you’re running late, so jump out of the shower, blast your hair with the hairdryer, pull on the closest clothes to hand, and make one last mad dash for the door. Oh, and don’t forget your keys.

Wind. Rain. Train. Work…and you haven’t even had time for breakfast!

Sound familiar? Trust us. You’re not alone.

Normally, this isn’t so much of a problem. The summer months are essentially fertilizer for your hair. While the sun is shining your hair soaks up all the vitamin D on offer – even in England. Couple that with the winning combination of your active summer lifestyle and healthier diet and it’s no wonder that your hair is shining.

But once the days start to get shorter (and colder and darker), things naturally happen a little differently. Suddenly that superfood salad looks less like a meal and more like a flower arrangement and even the idea of switching your blender on in the morning is giving you a headache.

So obviously you’d be forgiven for indulging in a few more comfort foods, skipping that evening run and settling in for X-Factor. We’re here to tell you that it’s absolutely okay! But if you want your hair to keep it’s summery glow and thickness then you may have to think about another option.

Now, before you book those flights to the Canary Islands it’s probably worth considering one or two slightly cheaper (yet admittedly less appealing) options. Firstly, keeping your hair well moisturized is absolutely imperative and choosing the right shampoo and conditioner will make a real difference. However, supplementing your diet with a regular boost to your vitamin A & D intake, alongside some extra biotin can work wonders for the shine, thickness and overall health of your hair.

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