How to sport the best mo’ in support of Movember

Since 2004 the Movember Charity has been asking men to grow their mo’ to help raise awareness about prostate cancer, testicular cancer and mental health.

Movember or ‘No Shave November’ was started to get men talking about their health. The people at movember decided that moustache growth was the perfect sign, an instant recognition that your fellow man is there to help.

Prostate cancer is on the rise in the UK. A stunning  1 in 8 men  will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetime. Even though prostate cancer treatment is remarkably successful (there is an 88% survival rate if caught early) prostate cancer symptoms often go unnoticed or even worse ignored as many men are too nervous, too proud or too scared to speak up.

Movember is about reminding men to talk to one another, to embrace the silly and to wear the moustache with pride.  It is part of who we are at Vegavero and that’s why we’re proud to stand with Movember and all men who suffer with their mental and physical health.

Choose Your Style

From the handlebar & the walrus to the mutton chops, musketeers and (it’s-a me) mario’s.  The humble moustache is enjoying something of a renaissance at the moment. Too long left in the shadow of its more stylish cousin.  The streets of Berlin, London, Paris and New York are now rife with men sporting some of the most finely coiffed whiskers in the world.

Perhaps by way of the lengthy gardening leave it took from the vogue, the humble moustache has grown into one of the most prominent looks that a man can have. So choosing the style that suits you is very, very important.

Not everyone can pull of the luxuriant crumb catching thatch of a Tom Selleck. Nor the silken blond mystique that permeates the flowing filaments of Hulk Hogan. But that is not to say that you can’t choose and equally distinctive lipwarmer this winter. So since we’re such good sports here at vegavero we’ve laid out some of the most (in)famous styles in history for you to choose from:

The Route 66

So named for it’s supposed popularity among long haul drivers, the horseshoe, the trucker or whatever you like to call it is a fine addition to any man’s face and a timeless style for sure.

Movember horseshoe moustache tips

The Emperor 

Channel your inner beast and heed the call of the wild with this long, flowing style. This style is only for the boldest of men, an undoubted eyecatcher but not everybody is up to the challenge. So named for the Emperor Tamarin, this petite moustachioed peruvian simian was thought to be the spit of one Wilhelm II

Movember Funny Moustache ideas


The La La Land 

Let’s take a trip down memory lane with this one: back to those halcyon days of old hollywood when everything shone in marvellous technicolour and crackled to the snare of a leitz 35mm. By no means the easiest mo’ to pull off but, frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn.

Movember cool moustache ideas


The Artist

The First World War is raging through Europe. Dada was the je ne sais quoi in the salons and studios of Paris. While Marcel Duchamp would submit a urninal to an exhibition at New York’s Grand Central Palace. It’s 1917 and a 13 year old Salvador Dali is starting to paint his first full works. Voted the world’s most famous moustache by movember members this eccentric style is one to watch for 2017.

Movember cool moustache ideas


Care for your moustache

A well kempt moustache simply screams, or rather, elegantly asserts, savoir faire. If you want to keep the poise and refinement of a Confucius or the brusk authority of Sam Elliot then you’ll have to follow these steps to keep your ‘tash in good nick.

  • Clean and Scrub
  • Shave and trim
  • Condition and hydrate
  • Comb and style
  • Wax and shape

But I cant grow a moustache

Don’t worry because movember isn’t really about who has the biggest or the best moustache. This part is just for fun. At its core – movember is about helping men feel comfortable talking about their feelings and their health. Most of all movember is great because it helps more men feel happy about seeking advice and support.

You can really do whatever you want to stand in solidarity with men’s health. Be that growing a moustache or a beard or shaving your head or wearing a kilt, riding a bike or doing a bungee jump. You catch my drift.

If however, you do want to grow your mo’ and you need a helping. Why not try some moustache building Biotin. Completely safe and proven to help hair grow faster, stronger, and all importantly, thicker!