Caramel Vanilla Slice Recipe

Vegan dessert recipes can be pretty hard to come by. Especially since most of us can still remember the taste of the real thing.

If i’m honest I’ve tried all manner of ti-RAW-masus and coconut creams but nothing filled that gigantic void in my soul reserved for ice-cream.

Postre, dolce, sweet and Pudding. At the end of the day, it’s all dessert and I love them all equally. Thats why I was so taken aback when we picked up this incredible vegan dessert recipe from Chloe Hurd. Her caramel vanilla slice is the ultimate in “health conscious” indulgence… Okay, so it’s not like ‘broccoli mousse’ style healthly thinking here, but thats okay. It’s okay because you earned it this week and anyway the nutritional profile of these luxurient vanilla slices may just surprise you.

Just because it’s cold outside that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s all bad. Since you’re already tucked up at home why not revel in something a little bit more decadent. Our Caramel Vanilla Slice comes courtesy of PT & dancer Nourishing Naturally with Chloe.

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She swears that these little slices of unadulterated joy are 100% nutritious and we’re inclined to agree. Also, trust us. We know what you’re thinking: how could anything like this ever be healthy? Fair point. But just keep the faith for a moment and you’ll see.

If we take our minds off the constant battle to only ever eat healthy food we might just remember one other important thing. The taste. Yes, that’s right. The way these things actually taste! At vegavero we hate to engage in hyperbole and exaggeration. For us, it’s all about the natural, honest experience.

So really, you should trust us when we tell you: You absolutely could not buy something this delicious in any old shop or supermarket. You would have to pay a visit to a local artisinal bakery.  Honestly, we think that in terms of vegan dessert recipes this one would probably still win.

That’s because they’re homemade with love and attention. When you put that much care into something then chances are that just by sheer achievement and pride, you can be sure that they will taste even better than the ones made by your local baker.

For the sake of argument, let’s call him Gregg.

These Caramel Vanilla Slices are completely vegan, amazingly nutritious and perfectly sweet. Also, they taste exactly like Gregg’s. If not better.


For the base

  • 200g mixed fruit & nut

For the caramel

  • 100g Medjool Dates
  • 100ml Oat Milk
  • 100g Almond &
    Coconut butter

For the cream


  • Blend the base together and leave to set in the freezer.
  • Blend together all your ingredients for the caramel until delightfully gooey. Smear this over the top of the base and return to the freezer to set.
  • You guessed it – blend the ingredients for the cream until thick and decadent. Dollop on a generous helping and smooth it into a thick layer with the back of a spatula. and yes… return it to the freezer to set.
  • Once you’ve exhausted all your patience. Melt as much raw, vegan chocolate as you own and luxuriate in a generous drizzle over the top.

Macros Per Slice

  • 420 Cals
  • 48g Carbs
  • 25g Fat
  • 16g protein

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