Vitamin D3 & K2: A match made in heaven

By now everybody knows about D3. A veritable rock star of the vitamin world, D3 even has its own nickname: The Sunshine Vitamin. But K2? Well for most people that is a bit more of a mystery.

Despite its outsider status K2 is a seriously important vitamin. It’s main function is as a blood-coagulant. Therefore, it is the nutrient responsible for creating blood clots. If that sounds like a bad thing then consider that without it you would literally never stop bleeding and death by exsanguination from a paper-cut is hardly Rock’N’Roll.

So it’s obvious that K2 is an influential vitamin in its own right. Forever humble however, K2 is also something of a potentiator for its more famous peers and when paired with vitamin D3 it elevates the effectiveness of both vitamins. You might say then, that K2 is kind of like the Bernie Taupin to D3’s Elton John.

Vitamins though,  like rockstars, have egos of their own and there are certain times that bringing vitamins together just doesn’t work.  Your body needs a combination of  vitamins A, C, E, D, K and the B vitamins to function healthily.  This amounts to a total of 13 essential nutrients that pretty much every multivitamin on the market should contain. On the surface these multivitamins seem like the perfect way to balance your diet. Yet, more often than not these products promise much more than they can deliver.

Because of the way these multivitamins are produced and combined, you often find that some of these vitamins impact each other negatively. This is because many manufacturers do not consider the impact that one nutrient has on another and simply go for a one size fits all approach.

It should then come as no surprise to learn, that the body just doesn’t work that way. The complex interactions between different nutrients mean that taking a multivitamin can lead to poor absorption. At the end of the day you may very well be left with some very expensive – and undeniably nutrient rich – urine!

More often than not these all in one solutions to life’s many problems are not the oasis that they seem but rather a mirage. Just like Liam Gallagher and Noel Gallagher then. Not everything that is good necessarily belongs together.

Combining vitamins and nutrients can be a thankless task and that’s why we only do it when we know that it really makes sense for your health.

What is K2?

K2 is an essential vitamin that has applications for your bones, teeth, heart, kidneys and liver. Alongside helping to produce insulin and regulating your blood sugar.

It also has the well-deserved title of being one of the hardest vitamins to find in your day to day food and drink.  Unless you are living the luxuriant life of the dauphin it is unlikely that you are consuming the ounce of fois-gras per day necessary to hit the RDA.

The herbivores amongst us have the equally unenticing option of fermenting vegetables until things start to grow on them. The most famous dish of this kind is Natto. A gooey, stinky meal of fermented soy beans – which is the kind of thing that passes for breakfast in Japan.

Somewhat annoyingly K2 is even more useful to our bodies than it is hard to find in the average western diet. This special vitamin has health benefits that often fly under the radar:

It has been shown to inhibit the formation of tumors in cancers such as leukemia, lung cancer, ovarian cancer, and hepatocellular cancer.

This is are obviously and independently very important for your health. But it is the way that these two vitamins control your calcium intake that makes the pairing so special.

Why is calcium so important?

In a more day to day sense, people are often more concerned with calcium. Anybody who has ever broken a bone, had a tooth pulled out or had a relative with osteoporosis will know this well. Calcium is seriously important.

Your body’s calcium levels teeter on a knife’s edge between too much and too little. This finely poised balance is regulated by D3 & K2.

When you don’t get enough calcium in your diet you run the risk of tooth cavities and breaking bones. Whilst these are undeniably not great – they can be easily overcome in this day and age. Over a lifetime though low calcium levels can lead to a condition called Osteoporosis.

Osteoporosis is a serious condition that is probably characterised most simply as an embrittling of the bones. This means makes movement more difficult and breaking bones much more likely from minor accidents such as tripping over.

Too much calcium and again we’re in dangerous territory. Kidney stones, heart failure and artery blockages. As you might imagine calcium is hard stuff and if it’s in the wrong places then it can cause serious problems.


Why do D3 and K2 work so well together?

In terms of biology it’s almost impossible to talk about calcium without mentioning vitamin D. In the summer-time those glorious rays of sun are absorbed through our skin and reified into precious Vitamin D. Your body needs vitamin D because without it calcium cannot be absorbed into your system.

The obvious upshot of which is that you could have the world’s most calcium-rich diet but without vitamin D, it would be completely pointless. If you can guess where this one is going then good – you’ve been paying attention. Because this is the part where we go back to vitamin K.

Vitamin K activates the proteins that control the distributuion of calcium in your body. It is responsible for transporting calcium to your bones and teeth where it helps keep them strong and healthy. Most importantly though it also ensures that calcium doesn’t get into the wrong place, such as deposition in the blood vessels. Vitamin K also stops the calcium from getting stuck in your kidneys or your heart where it can cause really serious problems.

How to fight it

So we’ve already established that K2 is hard to eat. And for D3? Well D3 may as well be on the moon if you live in the UK during autumn and winter. Supplementing with a traditional multivitamin can be a real waste of time,  which is why we have dedicated our time to finding the right balance. Our supplement contains the perfect amount of D3 and the perfect amount of K2 to ensure that you can stay strong this winter.

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