Why Beta-Alanine should be your new workout essential

Beta-Alanine is the new name on the scene and rightly so. A lot of fitness blogs out there are full of information about this product because it is one of the newer sports nutrition aids on the market that really makes a big difference to your performance.


Increasing your understanding of a product like this can make a huge impact on the way you train. Ensuring that you know what is going into your body and how it is being metabolised is key to maximising your performance and pushing your boundaries to the next level.

Beta-Alanine is a non-essential amino acid.

Simply put, this means that the substance is synthesized naturally within the body in small amounts. As such, ingesting the additional dietary proteins in meat will make little difference to the synthesis of this important acid.

Once inside your system, beta-alanine is naturally converted into a substance called carnosine which will help improve your strength, muscle development and crucially your stamina.

The Science

How many times were you working out and you hit that brick wall that you just couldn’t push past?

This happens because lactic acid is building up in your muscle tissue. When the acid level is too high, the chemical balance in your tissue makes it impossible to produce more energy naturally and you start to get tired, fast.

In fact, during a high intensity workout your muscles will reach peak acidity in just 4 minutes. Not only that but continuing to exercise at this point forces your body into overdrive, pulling nutrients from other parts of the body that need them, just to keep you going.

The Results

Overloading your body causes fatigue and fatigue will interrupt a healthy and efficient fitness regime more than any other factor.

Carnosine is a substance that is found naturally in muscle fibres associated with high intensity exercise. Carnosine is your first line of defense. It acts as a buffer, helping to balance the acidity in your system so that you can exercise at high intensity for much longer.

Reports show that for high intensity exercises like weight lifting, in intervals of over 1 minute, beta-alanine shows significant improvements against fitness routine that are not supplemented. What’s more, this trend continues into the longer scale. Endurance sports such as cycling, rowing, running and climbing all benefit hugely from the supplementation of beta-alanine.

What does this mean?

Beta-alanine is all about endurance and ask anyone who is serious about exercise: Endurance is everything.

Beta-alanine helps you to push your boundaries, taking yourself to the next level as safely as possible. Of course, it is imperative to know your own limits, but carefully supplementing your natural levels of beta-alanine could help you maximise your potential.

Why Vegavero

You should be incredibly careful about what you put into your body. This applies across the board. Be that food, drinks, medicine or supplements.

As such we always endeavour to create 100% plant based products which provide the most reliable, healthy and natural solutions to your needs.

We are incredibly proud of every single product that we create and we wholeheartedly believe in living the best life we can. That applies for ourselves and those around us.

Don’t believe us? If you want to see what Beta-Alanine can really do then check out our post with marathon man and Vegavero team member Alex, ahead of his inspiring race in the Berlin Marathon.

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