Why we’re running the Berlin Marathon

In Berlin, there is a saying: “Berlin is not Germany”.

This might sound strange at first, but over the years Berlin has gradually earned itself the reputation of a city where people like to play the game a little differently.

Here at Vegavero we feel the same way and this very special city just happens to be the place where this very special business was born. We wanted to build a business that represented our values from the ground up, and that means living by the same attitudes that we believe really represent our city.

In a city like Berlin you can’t just follow the zeitgeist. You get swept up in it start to finish, or you’re not part of it at all. And at Vegavero, we’re all in. Everyone at Vegavero uses the products that we make, because we’re proud of them and we know that they do really work.

In fact, this weekend we’re going to be putting our money where our mouth is. Our very own Alexander will be battling the (almost inevitable) cold and rain to run the 42-km leviathan that is the Berlin Marathon. Now, we could wish him all the best luck in the world but at some point the hard reality of running a marathon in autumnal Berlin is going to hit home. At that point it might be nice to have something to distract his thoughts from the gruelling task ahead.

It might help you to take in some of the sights, yet, Berlin is not a city that is regularly lauded for its beauty. Honestly, some people would probably describe it as stark. And 3 hours on foot in the driving rain will do little to convince you otherwise. The runner’s route, however, will take in some of the best sights that this city has to offer.

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While 10km worth goes though the lush surrounds of the Tiergarten, Reichstag and Berliner Dom, when they are all in the background, it’s a long, long way to go before the finish line at the iconic Brandenberg Gate. Even with a little bit of help from our Beta-Alanine to stop the muscles tensing up too soon, it’s still a long way to go with nothing but ‘Eye of the Tiger’ on loop for motivation. A true Berliner though, can find all the motivation they need on the streets.

Forced apart and brought back together, the glue that binds Berliners to one another is a shared belief in community, culture and happiness. It is this attitude that makes Berlin such a special place to live and work. And if you look in between the sprawling Muscovite Allees and barren building sites and you will find a city that is flecked in the shadows of a fascinating past, from the concrete yearnings of brutalism to the Bauhaus vogue.

At Vegavero we are constantly inspired by the city we live in. We create because we want to be able to live the life that we feel around us every single day of the year. Maybe Alex won’t be taking home the winner’s medal on Sunday, but we know for sure that he is part of the Vegavero family who are using our products to help create the active and free flowing lifestyle that our city thrives upon.

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