Magnesium + Potassium

What Makes These Minerals So Important?


As an essential mineral, Magnesium can assist with the following functions of the body:

  • Maintain bone health and normal muscle function
  • Reduce muscle aches and pains
  • Control metabolism of nutrients such as, protein, fats, and carbohydrates
  • Regulate body’s use of calcium and other minerals
  • Allow nerves to send messages to brain and nervous system


A vital mineral in the body, Potassium works to support the below bodily functions:

  • Maintain bone health and normal muscle function
  • Help fight water retention; counteract the effects of sodium on the body
  • Reduce feeling of tingling, numbness, twitches and cramps in muscles
  • Increase oxygenated blood levels


Is a Supplement Necessary?

Magnesium and Potassium work together to support the body. When these mineral levels are too low or too high, serious health problems can occur. In the case of shortcomings, due to specific problems, to particular needs or to a restrictive or unbalanced diet, it is possible to resort to this supplement. If you are deficient in Magnesium, you may also be deficient in Potassium.

With the support of both minerals, the body can replenish essential electrolytes to energize those individuals experiencing fatigue and support healthy bones and muscles. Overall, this combination of minerals can help those looking to boost their mood and energy levels, as well as relieve cramps or muscle fatigue.

Athletes can find this supplement beneficial, as it can help them increase energy, and improve performance and stamina in physical activity. It is especially important for athletes because they lose electrolytes through sweat and can reintroduce those electrolytes through Magnesium and Potassium.

Nutrition Facts per daily dose
Energy [kJ] -
Fat [g] -
of which saturates [g] -
Carbohydrate [g] -
of which sugars [g] -
Protein [g] -
Salt [g] -
Fibre [g] -
Note Directions for use

Recommended Dosage: Take 2 capsules 3x daily with sufficient liquid during a meal.

Item number: VV-VITA-119